Haoren Pushes The Contestants’ Buttons? 😱 Contestants Are Triggered πŸ”₯ And Fight On-The-Spot During The Live Stream? 🀬 | Jual Letop ηˆ†ε•ηš‡

Haoren is here to save the day? Or fan the flames together with Jeff Chin? 😏😈
Other than enjoying the juicy drama, there are also 10 units of Muca (100% made in Korea) prizes for you to win! 🎁
Of course, we will also be revealing the result of the second round of semi-final! 🌟🌟🌟
Get ready with your popcorn, and join us for the fun drama! 🀣

For Episode 6, the giveaway that we have tonight:
MUCA Vita Brightening Night Cream x 5 units
MUCA Vita Brightening Day Cream SPF30 x 5 units

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