Chantek: Unboxing Peek-A-Box | How to Love Yourself with ItsJustHanaa

Your everyday makeup routine can never go wrong with February edition of Peek-A-Box! Jom check out a simple makeup tutorial oleh ItsJustHanaa, dalam Chantek bersama Peek-A-Box!

What’s in the Peek-A-Box February Edition box?

Qims Luminous Foundation (16ml – RM60)
F.Y.N Professional Radiance Enhancing Cleanser
F.Y.N Professional All In One Radiance Enhancing Cream
Adania Organic Face Loofah (RM15)
Adania Blue Sea Algae (15g – RM50)
Peek-A-Box Multipurpose Make-Up Brush (RM10)

*Price includes GST

Dapatkan Peek-a-box Edisi Februari sekarang di beli @ hurr!


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