Jeff Vs. Phoebe LIVE Battle?! Top-5 Winners of Group B & C Will Be Revealed | Jual Letop 爆单皇

After 2 weeks preliminary challenge, who will be the top five winner of each Group B and Group C and successfully make it to the semi-final of ?

Who are the 12 shortlisted contestants for Group D and what is their challenge?

Be sure to stay tuned at the Facebook live streaming of , Malaysia’s highest cash prize live streaming competition to date! We have host and mentor @Jeff Chin (陈浩然) and guest host @Phoebe Yap in the house!

Wonder what will happen when both famous hosts do a LIVE Battles? Watch them in action at Official FB page @ChineseJualLetop live streaming on 20 May 8.30pm tonight!

giveaway for tonight:
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