Lizz The Debunker Is Back! 🀫 What Is The Secret That She Is Going To Tell Us This Time? 😱 | Jual Letop ηˆ†ε•ηš‡

Who will be the top 5 winners of Group D and grab the final chance to advance to the semi final round 1?

Watch our host and mentor @Jeff Chin (ι™ˆζ΅©η„Ά) and guest host @Lizz 李俐澌 competing with each other in Hokkien and Hakka dialect! You can join us the fun in challenging both of them too!🀣🀣🀣

🎁 For Episode 4, the giveaway that we have tonight:
APOTEC Lemon D’Tox
SWISS IMAGE Absolute Hydration Mask

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